Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Major. . .

Fidel Castro resigned as president of Cuba. This is MAJOR. I can remember hearing my dad talk about how Cuba was just a regular island country that people liked to go visit and get some cigars and stuff. Then suddenly it was off limits to everybody. Even the foreigners there. There was a seminary professor at Southwestern Seminary (his last name was Fite) and he was a missionary in Cuba when Castro took over. Castro's people put Fite in prison for 7 years. Incredible.
Anyway, hopefully Cuba will be a better place now, or at least soon.

In other, completely different, news, I've become a MAJOR fan of Dickey's Barbecue. I served it last night - and will serve it again tonight. (Barbecue always does well as leftovers.)

Having company is never good on the waistline. I mean, the company always makes me eat the dessert. And I have to have seconds on the potato salad and brisket. (What's a hostess to do? - but to show her guests that they can eat more!)


caroline said...

that is incredible! Cuba has always been on my list of places I have to go! So maybe now someday I will!

Elizabeth H. said...

We do tend to sit in front of you holding a fork and making you eat the cake... we've never let you leave the table until its ALL gone.

Just kidding!! You always have the yummiest desserts! Its hard for US to resist! :)


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