Monday, February 25, 2008

Sally and Nicole . . .

So the Oscars were last night. I do have to say that I WAS curious as to who won Best Picture and if Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor- and he did. (I just kept seeing him predicted to win.)

More thoughts on the Oscars: Sometimes acceptance speeches show low self-esteem. Like when Sally Fields won an Oscar years ago she kept saying something like, "You like me! You really do like me!" (Spoofs on that have been going on for years.) Also, when Nicole Kidman won for something she kept saying something about how her mother would be proud and how she wanted so badly to please her mother. All I could think of was, 'poor girl, she DESPERATELY needs her mother's approval.'

All that just reminds me that everybody - EVERYBODY - no matter the amount of fame or money or youth or beauty or education or intelligence or prestige he/she has, EVERYBODY needs a Savior. And Jesus is that..... thank heavens.

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laura said...

haha, thank heavens--that's punny. it's an interesting expression. does it imply there are more than one heaven? you don't say "thank gods."

We should have a party, Grammy!

Penelope Faye said that. We call her Nell. She said that we need to have a party since I was in her house!! She said that this past Thursday...