Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Highlights . . .

Sometimes I talk politics. That's not too smart of me, since there is so much that I don't know. But what does anybody really know anyway?! (And sometimes I get philosophical.)
Anyway, McCain did well last night. And I'm getting on board! What I think is interesting is that McCain and Huckabee have done well IN SPITE of Rush Limbaugh's bashing. I think that maybe that means people are thinking for themselves!!

I got my hair cut and colored yesterday. It has more blonde streaks than ever before. I told Marti I liked how she's been doing the blonde streaks and she translated that into, "Give me more and bigger highlights." Ah, but I think I like my hair this morning.


Elizabeth H. said...

We're on board with McCain as well... we'd love to see a McCain/Huckabee ticket!

laura said...

You can talk politics. You know much more than most of my friends. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't have too strong of political opinions because I don't know all that much. But then I think, "Well, I'm never going to know everything, so don't know what I"m waiting for" and just commit to an opinion because it feels good to have strong opinions.

And I like McCain too, as far as the republicans go