Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trinity Harbor . . .

Sam and I went to Rockwall today to hear our nephew-in-law preach and to visit with him and his family, our niece, Jennifer, and their darling daughters, Molly, 4, and Charlotte 2. It was a PRECIOUS time. Ryan preached an amazing sermon from Acts 10. I particularly remember his illustration about Matt, a freshman living on his dorm floor where he (Ryan) was a resident assistant. Ryan had assumed that Matt had it 'all - together'. Long story short: he did not. He felt empty inside. That made me think of who all do I know that I think don't need Jesus. Ha!!! Can you believe I said that? As if!!!!! Really. I thought of some folks I see in the antique mall every week. They're the women who dress so nicely, and who look just like they've come from a professional make-up session. (Now you know my description of one who has it 'all-together'.) Right now I'm particularly thinking of a lady named Jan. I found out she graduated from high school the same year I did. (That has given us a kinship.) Anyway . . . Ryan's talk (about Cornelius and Peter - and being an outsider - and an insider, and about Matt) has given me pause to think about Jan-girl.
Pray for her, will you? And pray for me, that I will talk to her - in a non-threatening way- (or threatening, who knows?) about Christ. And how ONLY HE CAN SATISFY YOUR SOUL.

Oh, the title of this blog, is the name of Ryan and Jennifer's church. Trinity Harbor Church.

Oh, and after church we went to eat and then the girls played on this stage-thing overlooking Ray Hubbard Lake (Reservoir?). It was so fun.

The Tompkins are a beautiful family. BEAUTIFUL. Inside and out.

(Don't forget to pray for Jan and me.)

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Unknown said...

You beat me to it; I was just about to post about our fun day. Thanks for making the trip out to Rockwall; you guys (had to say something New Yorkish) are so encouraging!

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