Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's clothes...

Yesterday (Valentine's Day) I played the piano in the tea room. It was amazing. Every lady there got a long stem red rose. Plus, a special king ranch chicken casserole was added to the menu just for the day. There were three parties and everyone in those parties was wearing red or pink or red and pink. Plus everyone else seemed to have red and pink attire on also. Well, there was a lady who evidently didn't get the memo, but we are an accepting bunch.
So I played "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" and every other love song in my repertoire. I was in 'the zone.' . . . and got lots of tips. (cause and effect - effect and cause).
Last year I had to miss this special day because I had another 'gig'. This year I was determined to make it -- even if it meant I had to go to board meeting later. (That's where I am now.) So I flew up here on American Airlines. I get to the airport at 3:00 - right after my tea room playing. I'm decked out in my Valentine's outfit, and with my heart necklace, and my heart earrings. Does anybody else at DFW airport have on showy Valentine clothes? Nooooooooooooooo. (I look in vain for at least someone wearing a red sweater.) At my age you'd think I'd be secure enough to handle being the only lady decked out in hearts.

You'd think.


laura said...

There was probably someone there who wanted to dress in all hearts and pink and red, but didn't have the guts to because he/she thought they would be the only one, but then said person saw you and thought, "Dang, I wish I had had as much guts as she did. She looks awesome." That person looks up to you.

Elizabeth H. said...

We were at DFW Airport on Valentine's day around 5:00!! Caroline was the only person we saw in Valentine's clothes. She had on a red jumpsuit with heartshaped pockets and red bows. Her shirt said "Dad" inside a heart.

No one else was festive. :(

It would have been fun if we saw you there!!!

Nancy said...

I just LOVE both of the above comments.

To think, little Caroline was at the airport all dressed up, too!!!!


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