Monday, March 3, 2008

Flip flops Saturday, snow shoes tonight?

This weather is crazy. I like it.

Today I ordered the cake, the corsages, and bought the hostess gifts for the big Travis girls' bridal shower here Saturday. (The shower will be big; the Travis girls are NOT.) The shower will be FUN, but on Sunday I'll be saying a big 'Whew!' Thank heavens I have some wonderful co-hostesses, 2 of which read my blog. Thanks, Laura and Caroline.

Tomorrow is the day to vote. I'll go vote for my pick, even though I know he hasn't a chance. I want to make a statement, though, however small. GO HUCKABEE!!

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Th-th-th that's all folks! (I'd been wanting to say that.)


Elizabeth H. said...

Have fun doing the shower!!! I bet it will be perfect and they'll love it! Will you post pics? I love showers.

And Huckabee is amazing... we saw him speak down here in CS. Bill Clinton was there yesterday, but he only had about half as many people. I chose not to see him... John and Susan went, though. They said that he was super boring, especially compared to Huckabee.

laura said...

hostesses get presents?! that's exciting news. i feel bad for it though, because you're really doing all the work. and I just read your last post too. i'm so excited for Sophie! that warms my heart.

Nancy said...

Ha - Laura. Hostesses GIVE the gifts. You can pay me when you get here.


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