Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Monday. . .

It's been a good day in all. And tonight I learned that my car got slobbered on by a camel. I bet you can't top that. Well, unless, YOU got slobbered on by a camel today. Or a giraffe. (Okay, I guess I've got some 'splainin' to do: I let Laura, Will, Bailey and Amanda Gutierrez borrow my car to go on a day trip to Oklahoma today. They went to Turner Falls and to this drive-thru zoo type thing, hence the slobber. I don't think I'll get it washed off for a while. It's a great conversation piece. 'Course I haven't seen the dried slobber yet (it's dark outside), so I might change my mind. (Hmm. no wonder they didn't want to take their own cars.))

I think I've recovered from the shower. Ah, but another is around the corner. In May I'm hosting one for dear friend, Sophie. That will be fun. It won't be foo-foo at all. We're inviting the guys . . . and Sophie wants the theme, Guitars, Harleys, and Home Depot. (I don't think we'll be serving those raspberry and brie finger sandwiches!)

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laura said...

Will actually cleaned the camel saliva off at a truck stop, sorry to say, but i do have picture