Thursday, March 13, 2008

Newer . . .

It's spring. Well, almost. That brownish template for my blog did NOT look like spring. I think this NEWER one does. And Laura will be proud that I got it without her help. That tells you what a good teacher she is.

Well, I've had a major setback on a big project that I've been working on and I'm going to vent a little. Grrrr!! Ugh!!! !@#$%^! (that's my version of cussing.) Well, really what I need to do is be thankful. Really. I learned years ago that being thankful - for WHATEVER- is almost like magic. It so puts things in perspective. Like when I was younger and I had pimples. Long story short: I started thanking God for them. Long story short: I quit hating myself and began appreciating the fact that folks liked me for who I was, not for a clear face.

So where am I going with this? I've decided I better be thankful for my setback. I was working on a new mellow piano sacred music CD. I had put down 73 hymns (!) (by that I mean I had played 73 old hymns into the computer). From those I chose 36 that I thought would be good enough for a 2 CD package to sell. Then I decided I didn't want a 2 CD package, just one CD. So I chose the best 24 hymns out of those 36. This required LOTS of work. (I know, you thought I just sat around all day blogging.) Not only has this been a lot of work for me, but also for my dear hubby, who is the 'producer' of this project. He produced my first one and now he's doing this one. Anyway, after all that work it looks like it MIGHT have been for naught, nothing, nada, zilch. The keyboard we used (which was different than the one for my first CD) just hasn't sounded good at all - though we originally thought it did. Hmm.
So I am going to give thanks for this.

Well, nothing magical is happening. Ah, but I AM realizing that we are human, computers are just that (computers) and well, I have more empathy for the person who has written a major paper, or novel or something and then doesn't get it saved right and it's gone forever. Yeah. So I have empathy now.

Empathy is a good thing.

And I AM feeling better.

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