Thursday, March 6, 2008

She's coming!

Late tomorrow afternoon she'll make her appearance. And then her friends and relatives will come to see her and spend time with her, or at the very least catch a glimpse of her. She's been in Waco which is not as exotic as other far away places she has been to, but then to those folks from those places Waco is pretty exotic . . . wonderful. (I'm trying to kind of wax poetic.)

I want to honor her here because she did something that though she had no choice, she did it with a good spirit. She completely changed her spring break plans ... for me. Well, I made her. But I so appreciate her attitude. She's coming for the shower. She'll help with the beverages- punch, tea, and coffee. And I will be SO GLAD she is here.

Tonight I spend the night with my mom. We have our own slumber party every so often. We usually eat popcorn. I like to have mine with a soda pop. She has hers with water, if you can imagine that.

See you soon, Laura!

1 comment:

laura said...

Haha, at first I wasn't sure who were talking about. My first thought that baby Caroline was coming, but then you said that "she" was in Waco, so I figured it out.

And yes. I turn the 232 words to him online so he can use word count to count it. And yes, I have Ibuprofen, but my headache is gone, so no matter

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