Friday, March 7, 2008

She's here!

The first three letters of 'laughter' are the first three letters of 'Laura'. I had never thought of that until now. . . and it IS appropriate. I can hear her laughter in the den. It is a wonderful sound. She's probably laughing at Will, Bailey and/or Allison. They're all in there telling funnies. I love it. (Needless to say, Laura isn't the only one laughing.)

The Travis girls' shower is tomorrow. Laurie B. came over earlier this evening and decorated the dining room table (beautifully) and she also decorated 2 kitchen table chairs. One with white and purple for Jenny to sit in and other with white and sage for Whitney to sit in. . . like little thrones. It's great. Then tomorrow Laurie, Martha G. and Caroline come and help Laura and me do the final prep. Then the honorees show up and then the guests show up (hopefully in that order) and that's when I stop stressing and start having fun.
And then it will all be over.
And that's when I'll probably overeat some of the cake.

Life is good.

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Anonymous said...

I just noticed that your "about me" section says "believing God," which I just now realized does not say "believing in God." I like the idea of believing God rather than just believing in Him. If we didn't believe God, then we wouldn't really believe IN Him either, so excluding the "in" makes the thought more open to other possibilities and ideas that He may present to us. You know?

That was kinda confusing and might not have made any sense. But then again, you may have had all of that in mind when you chose to exlude the "in," so it might make perfect sense to you.

I like it.


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