Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thoughts on Easter . . .

I so want to write something wonderful here. Words seems inadequate even if I could think of the right ones.
I'll try.
I used to be asked why I didn't smile more. And why I was so critical and negative. That was back in my teens, early twenties. If I were to write the whole reason why I smile now, well, it would take a whole volume of paper or gigabites or something to get it out, and even then words are inadequate.
Somewhere along the line I began taking the Bible as TRUTH. Admittedly the Bible is weird. Yes, I said that. It (the Bible) is not what I would have dictated if I were God. Ah, but I am NOT God.
Somewhere along the line I realized that truth. And that truth was pretty liberating. I am CREATURE.
Okay. Long story short: creatures need a savior. That word, savior, has come to mean gobbledygook, just like the words, salvation, sin, holy ghost, and on. (Some will read this and be appalled at how sacrilegious I sound. --- but I'm trying to make a point. -- Those words are profound, but have come to mean - to many- nothing, except maybe platitudes, or shame-based sayings.)
So as to not make this post into something you will never read because of its length I'm going into major long-story-short mode now:
I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior . . . and all the meaning that has. I began learning about him through the Bible. It changed my life. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. Oh, I'm still mm jw with her issues, but among many, many other things I started smiling without thinking about it.

This Easter stuff is is not Easter bunny stuff. Or tooth fairy stuff. Or anything cartoon-like. It is truth.

And I decided to take it as truth. And you don't need me to tell you. . . . look at history...... Oh yeah, there were wars - and crazy things done in the name Christ. But they were NOT Christ. They were crazy people who needed a cause. Christ is not a cause. He is salvation. Look at the billions of folks whose lives were and have been and are changed by Him. It is INCREDIBLE.

Does it seem like I'm trying to convince someone of what I believe? Yes. Because I am. And, rats, words are so inadequate, but words are what I've got on this post - that I'm trying to make not too long.

I'm preachin', sistah and brotha.
Happy Easter.

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