Tuesday, March 18, 2008

UGLY gal . . .

I was going to say that I saw an ugly lady the other day.  'Ugly lady' almost sounds like an oxymoron, and for sure, the lady wasn't being a lady.
I was going through the drive-thru at McDonald's.  I happened to look in my rear view mirror and saw this attractive woman behind me.  But she was not acting 'attractively'.  She was screaming at her child who was in the back seat.  She seemed so mad at the child.  Then I saw the child.  He was only about two years old, if that.  He was in a car seat and he was just sitting there.  She was turning back to him and yelling, then throwing something at him, like a toy or something.  Her face was contorting, making her look so ugly.  But yet, she looked ‘gorgeous’. Her makeup was perfect. Her hair was highlighted. Her nails were French manicured, and she also looked like she had a good tan. . . like from a salon.  Her car was a Lexus SUV.  Everything looked perfect, except her facial expressions when she was yelling at her son. And even when she was not yelling she had a hateful expression on her face.   Hmm. Maybe it was that time of month for her. Or maybe she was just having a terrible day altogether. She just looked filled with anger.  And it seemed her wrath was directed at this little toddler.  Poor fella. Poor fella!   I felt like calling Child Protective Services.  Really.  I also felt like pulling her over and telling her that I saw the whole tirade and was going to report her.
Really.  It sickened me.
Talk about an ugly person.  

And she never knew that someone was watching her . . .

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Anonymous said...

I do not mind that you wrote that comment. I appreciate your kind words.

Thanks for having lunch with me today. I always feel a little more...human....or something...once I've talked to you about things.