Sunday, April 6, 2008

African daisy . . .

Well, my plan was to post a post about John's omelets that he made for us this past Thursday morning. I have 3 pictures I was going to put up with it. Great pictures. I could put up pictures Friday when I did that Cherry Blossom post (my most beautiful post, by the way). Now, this computer is letting me put up photos from PhotoBooth but NOT from iPhoto. Grrr.... I know I must be doing something wrong. Well, surely not.
When I can use the iPhoto thing again I WILL post that post.
I've never typed the word 'post' so many times.

It's a beautiful day, by the way . . . even if there aren't any Cherry Blossom trees around here.
Here is an African daisy. It's not John cooking the omelet but it will have to do.
[Can you believe how little that African Daisy is??!!]
(I got it from iChat icons (or something.) - which, of course, should explain the size. But still.)

Oh, for a laugh go to here and for a smile go here.


laura said...

I like how you shamlessly make plugs for your other blogs

Nancy said...

Yes. I'm shameless . . . and proud of it.

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