Thursday, April 3, 2008

Caroline and me . . .

. . . at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.
I'm having a wonderful time!
I think the tapas place, "La Tasca", is where I would want to return to someday.
(Ha. Wouldn't you know it would be an eatery, and not a monument.)
Will fly home tomorrow afternoon.

It seems as if I ought to write more. I mean, I have all this space beside this picture.
I know, I'll add the link to my "What, Are You Kidding Me" blog. If you'd like to go directly to it click here.
Oh, I also started a completely new blog on a completely different account. This had been a completely anonymous account - where I would vent about certain politicians, but decided to delete the political blog and start a new one - on Easter Sunday. I really like it now -it's very upbeat - and would like to share it with whomever. For it click here. (It's also listed under my "Family and Friends' blogs under "Grace Notes".)

If you think I'm getting too much into this blogging business - that's okay. It's my life. And you have your vices, too.

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laura said...

What a precious picture! And Caroline is cute too.

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