Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In D.C.!!! .... and Happy Birthday, Bailey!!!

I'm here!!! The cherry blossoms are blooming everywhere! I can even see some from the Huffmans' apartment. This afternoon we'll go out and 'be' with them.

Elizabeth, Caroline and I flew up yesterday afternoon. As we were boarding the plane to my paranoid self it seemed that some folks were wary and leery of having a 15 month old on their almost 3 hour flight. Ah. but they had nothing to be wary and leery about. Caroline was a jewel!!!! And she was an AWAKE jewel! She looked at books, and colored, and just was the sweetest darling you could imagine. (It was really amazing.) And many folks said so.

Here is a picture of her and Elizabeth on the plane (in Photo Booth). We said, "Smile, Caroline!" and she did!! (That's washable marker on her face, by the way.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

Caroline is precious.

laura said...

so cute!

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