Monday, April 21, 2008

It's not nice . . .

. . . to not be nice to older people.
Hopefully this picture to the right will give you the idea of what Will and I (and maybe Moore (yes, that's his name), if he can come) are facing this evening. (That picture shows about how much grass we have to deal with.)
This man named Robert was recommended to my mother by a friend to put grass sod in her yard. Well, now my mother is wondering how she's going to tell her friend that this grass-sod-fella named Robert hoodwinked her. He DID put grass sod in her yard, but ordered WAY too much which was delivered by another fella. (And mother paid for it!) So now it's just sitting in her driveway and for 2 weeks my dear mother has called this Robert and told him to come get his extra sod. At first Robert told her he'd come get it and pay for it - well, now it's no good, and he hasn't come to get it even- though he promised every single day for 2 weeks to come 'tomorrow'.
My mother feels as if she's been taken for a ride. Not literally, of course.
Anyway, Will, and Moore and I are going to put the stuff in garbage bags for the trash people tomorrow. Sam has a seminary class so he won't be helping. But his sympathies are with us.
Oh, by the way, my dear mother was putting that sod in trash bags herself until I MADE her stop.
(There's more to this story, but I don't want to bore you. Like how her neighbor got involved and called Robert, etc.,etc.)

The next time you see an elderly person be really nice, okay?


laura said...

that's an outrage! poor grandmother

Elizabeth H. said...

Oh my gosh! That makes me angry! How nice of y'all to help her... I can't believe that.

Anonymous said...

I will be nice. I promise.

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