Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Never say never . . .

Three years ago I had a garage sale. When it was over I said I would never have another one. Ha! This Friday and Saturday I'm having another one - with my mother, cousin Carol and Mother's friend, Nell. Now BEFORE the garage sale has started I'm saying I'll never have another one.
Remind me of that, will you?

I mean it's SO MUCH WORK. 'Course it IS fun - getting paid for junk. But, seriously, you're (I'm) NOT getting paid very much. Certainly not enough.
I am thinking about putting out stuff that is dirty. And marking it really cheap since it's so dirty. LIke the dog crate that Marco (may he rest in peace) used to be put in as a puppy when we'd leave the house. It is filthy, filthy... and I DON'T want to wash it. And there are some planter things that are dirty, dirty. I'll put a really good price on those - like, maybe 'FREE!'
Seriously, if someone would just come and haul all my junk away I'd be happy.

I was needing to vent.


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