Sunday, April 27, 2008

Random favorites. . .

In keeping with my 'Favorites' theme, here are some more of mine.

Hot coffee in the morning

Clarks shoes

Cherry pie a la mode

I love comments on my blogs, so what are some of YOUR random favorites? Leave your answer as a comment.
I love comments.


Anonymous said...

That coffee looks like it would go well with that cherry pie.

My favorites: banana pudding, Mardel stores, ice cold coca cola, red roses, spring time .......

- Midge

Elizabeth H. said...

I like this post! Here are some of my favorites...
-short lines at the grocery store
-Hobby Lobby
-chewy snicker doodles
-chai tea lattes
-piano music
-pretty gardens that give me inspiration to have my own
-weimaraner dogs.... i love them.
-TEXAS in 22 days

Unknown said...

nancy! it was so good seeing you this weekend...i don't know if i ever told you this, but i think you & your house are both beautiful.

my favorites:
holding hands, cheesecake, the smell of fall, doing crafts, and really good conversations

Wil Carmack said...

Hey Mama, I love you. Here are some of my favorites.

*Seven o'clock p.m.
*long showers
*my mama
*flea markets/antique malls
*folk music

laura said...

some of mine are riding my bike on a nice day (like today), baked sour cream and onion chips, i agree with elizabeth on the chai tea lattes, and i also enjoy watch tan lines. i don't know why.

and i edited my post in response to your comment. you can go see it.

Rob said...

-a package from
-hot wings
-a good movie
-something I have to do being cancelled at the last minute
-road trips

Good post!

Rob said...

Oh, and my fiancee's photography and Bruce Springsteen music.

Rob said...

And finishing a book. I like that, too.

caroline said...

ooh good one Rob! ;)
some of MY favorites:
MY fiance being awesome,
chips and salsa,
nights when you can see tons of stars,
climbing trees,
reaaaalllllly old buildings,
movies based on true stories,
live jazz music,
christmas lights,
cute high heel shoes!

Nancy said...


THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

some favorites of mine:

-starting a new book
-vanilla flavored things
-blank pages
-unique harmonies
-music while i drive
-text messaging
-sleeping really late
-good dreams
-iced coffee
-having coffee/dinner with wise women
-eating alone at restaurants
-laughing out loud when i'm all alone
-cancelled classes

that was a lot. sorry.

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