Saturday, April 26, 2008

Soooooooooo tired . . .

I got home from a HUGE weekend trip around 4 o'clock and now I realize how addicted I am to blogging. Proof is my last post. . . about Joe T. Garcia's.
I walk into the house . . . exhausted. Sam and Will are still at Jenny's wedding/reception, videotaping them. I feed the dog, empty my car of stuff, then plop down on my bed and get my laptop out to check my e-mails and see if anybody commented on my blogs and check my favorite other blogs. In my fatigue I 'have to' to post something so I tell of my favorite place. I guess when I'm tired I always think of Joe T.'s. That tells you that when I'm tired I over-eat .

The reason I'm tired is that I took my mother to Canton where last night we went to a 42 (dominoes) party with her Canton friends. This morning we went to Colfax United Methodist Church for their annual pancake breakfast that is part of the Colfax cemetery's Decoration Day. Oh, prior to the 42 party we went to the cemetery yesterday afternoon and put flowers on my grandparents', great aunt's, dad's and sister's gravesites (as part of Decoration Day weekend activities). Anyway, after the DELICIOUS pancake breakfast (and bake sale, where I bought a yummy-looking pecan pie), Mother and I went to Dallas to attend her high school reunion at Adamson High School. That lasted from 11:30 till 3 o'clock, which included a barbecue lunch, then a long (too long - albeit nice) program.

Anyway, I'm exhausted. And I'm sure Mother is, too. But I'm so glad she was up to the adventure. A year ago she wouldn't have been.

Anyway my hankering for Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Dishes has waned. But it could come back - oh, I think it's coming back!

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Elizabeth H. said...

Wow! That is a BUSY weekend!!!! I would be craving some Joe T's after that, as well....