Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tired . . .

. . . but feeling good. The garage sale is over. Yesterday we made over $600. Today only a little more than $100... but everything was half off or more! Sooooo we made over $700 in all. And yes, that is amazing since most stuff went for $1! That tells you how much stuff we had.
That tells you why I'm so tired.

When it was all over, Mother took us out to eat for a late lunch. We went to the Dixie House Cafe in Euless. (There's also one in Fort Worth.) Oh my. Talk about good homecookin'. Oh my. And we found out that its coconut cream pie was rated the best pie in Tarrant County. Unfortunately we were so stuffed we couldn't order dessert. Next time I'll eat dessert first.

Today marks nineteen years since my twin died. Here is a picture. Elizabeth showed it on her blog today - but she has (for good reason) a secure blog, so you may not get to see it . . . so I'll post it.

Peggy would be so proud of those kids now. So proud.


Elizabeth H. said...

Thank you.

I'm glad the garage sale went well! Were you able to sell the big desk??

Nancy said...

No we didn't sell that desk! We'll give it to Goodwill. (It's really not that big. Granddaddy used it in his office at White Haven for his printer, I think.) We had it for sale for 10 dollars (!) and it still didn't sell!

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