Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bluebonnets . . .

They're out there. I saw my first ones today. First ones for the season, that is.

Are you impressed that I put this picture on my blog? I am. Laura had written down how to put pictures from different sites on my blog, but I'm not a quick study.

And now for the sad news: I lost all - as in every single one- of my pictures on iPhoto. That means the pictures of John making me that delicious omelet. And the pictures of Jenny and Whitney's bridal shower. And the pictures of my holiday tree- when it was dressed up for Valentine's Day and when it was dressed up for Easter. Ah, but good news: I still have lots of pictures in my picture boxes (that have been waiting for me to put in photo albums (sigh)). And since I'm learning to be thankful for EVERYTHING. I'm thankful for the loss. It teaches me to back up next time. Or at least shut down my computer every so often and give it a rest. You see, my computer went kaput. Sam was able to restore everything else on a new computer (!), but not my photos.

So in honor of being thankful for the loss here is another picture of bluebonnets. This one will replace the picture of my Valentine's Day tree. (Just because I'm thankful doesn't mean I'm happy. . . but it DEFINITELY helps.)

P.S. I'm almost ready for the garage sale. Come shopping if you can. It's Friday and Saturday from 8-2 at my house.


laura said...

I'm so sorry about your pictures! I also have the pictures of the shower on my computer, so all is not lost.

Nancy said...

Yay, Laura!!!! Thanks for letting me know about those shower pictures. I'm so glad.

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