Thursday, April 24, 2008

The world is mine. . .

. . . and so are enchiladas.

You may have noticed that I've gotten into putting pictures on my blog that I get from the Internet. I mean, the world is my photo album! How great is that?! (And thank you to Laura and Elizabeth, who've been my blogging mentors.)

So for my next few posts I may tell of my favorite things and show pictures! (I will get permission sometimes, when I need to, to post the pictures.)

So for today I will celebrate enchiladas. AND give my easy-easy recipe for enchiladas.

Let's see if I can describe how I make these (I learned this from my mother).
It takes:
corn tortillas (as many as you like)
Wolf Brand chili without beans (enough to smother the rolled tortillas)
chopped onions (lots)
grated cheddar cheese (lots)

First soften each corn tortilla - either by placing them only briefly in a skillet of hot vegetable oil, or by dipping them in the heated chili. (doing them in the oil makes them taste better, in my opinion.) Then take that tortilla, put some chopped onions and some grated cheese in it and roll it and place it in a long casserole dish - or long cake pan. Do the next tortilla and the next until you've done them all. Then pour warm chili on top of them and put onions and cheese scattered on top of the chili. Then bake for maybe 15 -20 minutes at 350 degrees. Or let sit until 30 minutes before the meal and bake then (for 30 minutes if the chili is not warm). The chili should be bubbly and the cheese melted before you take out of oven.

To make a complete enchilada dinner, get some cans of refried beans (I like Old El Paso brand), empty into a pan and heat!! When you put the refried beans in the bowl to serve, add some grated cheese on top and melt it in the microwave for a few seconds to melt. If you don't want to go through the hassle of making Spanish rice, then open a can or two of golden hominy, empty, heat and serve. (There is a Mexican restaurant in Houston known for serving hominy instead of rice.) Also put out some Doritos and salsa, and you have a meal.
A very yummy meal, I might add.

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