Saturday, May 10, 2008

From not nice to sweet . . .

I just put up a post -or wrote and posted (how do you say that?) a post on Hillary and Obama - and decided I didn't like it. I deleted it. Sometimes I cannot be nice - but I'm confessing that here - so as to be nice.
SO on a COMPLETELY different note (I know, I should delete the above words - but somehow I get satisfaction by leaving them in.: Again I say, SO on a COMPLETELY different note: I got an e-mail from an old friend in Chattanooga, Oklahoma, Ruth Geis. It is so sweet. I'm going to put up one picture part (box) of it here:

Aren't those feet darling?
I remember 2 sets of feet . . . they were (are) even more darling.


Wil Carmack said...

baby looks like Mr. Potato Head with those big feet.

JRT said...

Yes, I remember the Geis family. Very kind! Are those Chad's baby feet?