Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I admit: I like them.

The average Hostess Twinkie is 68 percent air as measured by volume according to university researchers.
The name of the famous snack "Twinkies" was invented by seeing a billboard in St. Louis, that said "Twinkle Toe Shoes."
And here is more on the Twinkie, created by Hostess, those geniusses:
The Twinkie was invented on April 6, 1930 by bakery manager James Dewar. He was making a thrifty use of shortcake pans which were usually only used during the strawberry season.
Twinkies had originally cost a nickel.
Twinkies had originally contained banana filling, but during the banana shortage of World War II the banana filling was replaced with vanilla.
Christopher Sell invented the fried Twinkie at his restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. In 2002, the Arkansas State Fair had introduced the fried Twinkie to the public. The fad spread to other state fairs. (I've eaten one at Canton Tradesday. So good with black coffee.)
Then there's Twinkie-henge.
(Either that's a creature sunbathing or being sacrificed. Hmm.)

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laura said...

that's more than i never needed to know about twinkies. thanks you.

and if twinkies are majority air, should i feel less guilty about eating them?

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