Sunday, May 4, 2008

Random info . . .

41% of the eighth graders in the Fort Worth schools flunked their math TAKS test and will not promote to ninth grade unless they retake and pass the test. Can you believe that?!! (the part about it being 41%)

I just read on the Internet Movie Data Base (Imdb) that actor Steve McQueen became a born-again Christian a few months before he died.

There is a man in Illinois who has asked the court to let his name be changed to "In God We Trust". I'm serious. Here's the article on today's FoxNews website. (Click here.)

Don't forget: on May 12, stamps go up to 42 cents.


Elizabeth H. said...

Wow, I had no idea about the stamp thing!!! Thanks for telling me... I was about to go buy some, but instead I'll wait until the 12th!

And that is SAD about the 41% thing... Good that they're cracking down on the students, but sad that so many didn't pass and it makes me wonder about the teachers? Is this part of the problem that happens when teachers have to spend most of their time teaching TESTS rather than just teaching their SUBJECT?

AND... your beautiful picture didn't offend me at all! How could anyone be offended by you ever?! Never!

caroline said...

ohhhh man, 42 cents! geez laweez I picked the wrong time to have to send out hundreds of wedding invitations! haha

(oh yeah, and i cannot believe that 41%!)

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