Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer is starting . . .

. . . or so it seems. Laura is home and, well, it just feels like at least a holiday anyway. And, of course, that feels good!

As I write this Sam and I are watching a 'Rifleman' rerun. Somehow we've gotten into TiVoing 'The Rifleman' lately and now I think we've become addicted. I remember when I was a child and they were on - I was not interested at all. Westerns were not 'my thing'. I guess everybody can change.
For your enjoyment. It's not long. You MUST watch it!! .............Well, no pressure.


Being Beth said...

Well, Nancy, THAT video was a trip down memory lane. We used to watch The Rifleman all the time when I was a kid. Don't you LOVE the old reruns -- Andy Griffith is one of my fav's. We refer to it as "Barney" -- Don Knotts was hilarious.

Wonderful that Laura is home for a few days. I can hardly believe our kids are so grown up all of a sudden. Love Laura's new look -- she's gorgeous!!! Of course I always thought she was, but her new hairstyle is so flattering and matches her personality.

I'm kinda busy the next couple of weeks myself, but as soon as we get through those, I'm looking forward to getting together.

I really enjoy your blog and I check it everyday to see what you're thinking about. And like you, I enjoy your comments.

Beth xxx

Being Beth said...

Thanks for your comment on my greeting cards. Glad you liked them.

Sure, YOU can use them, if you don't mind, stick "Beth Lahaie © 2008" on the back of the card or under the verse somewhere. Make it as small and unobtrusive as possible. I've considered submitting to card manufacturing companies, but just haven't. Maybe I'm waiting so Meredith and I could make our own line -- her beautiful photography and my verse.

Anyway, go ahead and use them if they convey just the right thing for someone special. Good cards are hard to find.

Thanks again for your post -- made my day! Bxxx

Elizabeth H. said...

Have fun in Colorado! I bet the weather is BEAUTIFUL!! See you Tuesday, fellow Texan!

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