Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thoughts . . .

Not much going on. But I want to write a post.
I think I'm addicted to this blogging-thing.
I so enjoy thinking about what I'm going to 'say'.
It's odd.
I would have never EVER thought I would be into blogging. -- Into writing my thoughts so that everyone and their snail could read them.
But I am.

So what will I write today?
I guess I could say it rained today.
That sounds so trite when I think of what has happened in Myanmar (Burma). Over 22,000 people have died and 41,000 are reported missing as the result of a terrible cyclone.
That is too depressing to think about.
But I must.

And there is poverty all over the globe.
And other major suffering.

How do I deal with all that - being a Christ-follower and all?
Well, I have decided to quit analyzing every everything.

I can do what I can do.
I can give. I can pray.
And I can trust God.
Did he do it - all the suffering? NO.
But then, did he allow it? EVIDENTLY.
Does that make me hate him? NO.

It DOES make me affirm that I am a creature.
I do NOT understand.
But, praise be to God, I can trust him. And serve him.
And thank him for all the wonder in this world.
And for sending Jesus . . . as Savior.
Oh my, do we need a savior.

Those are just my rambling thoughts on this Tuesday afternoon.


laura said...

i like how included Eddie as someone who could possibly read this post.

Wil Carmack said...

we do need a savior...

Being Beth said...

What a sweet post. I had to check out Laura's site to figure out just who Eddie is -- eewww -- LOL.

I have said often that I've made three really brilliant decisions in my life, and typical of me, I didn't even have a clue what a brilliant decision it was at the time. First I decided to become a Christian - didn't have a clue how lost I was at the time. The second was the decision to marry Mark -- didn't know what a gem he really is or how much I needed someone like him, who would love me so gently, adore me so completely, and support me through the enormous healing I had in my future. The third was the decision to just be me - no matter how goofy, unconventional, Pollyanna-esque, that may be. These decisions have served me very well.

I think you made the same brilliant decisions in your life.

Happy Wednesday, my friend! Beth

Unknown said...

Molly concluded yesterday that God created us sinful since we are all sinful and God created "all things." I didn't tell her she was wrestling with the oldest problem in the book, that of evil.

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