Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wild week. . .

This past weekend Denver for Jesse's wedding.
Then the Huffmans came and the other Huffmans (John's parents), too. (All WONDERFUL people.)
Yesterday we all unloaded the truck and car -into the apartment. Good exercise.
Today Cap and Lindsey come and help.
And today I order some food trays for Saturday (Sophie's shower here). (Everything else is ordered and planned--I hope.)
And today Laura goes to the World Hunger Farm.
And tomorrow hopefully I will help the Huffmans unpack some more boxes.
And Saturday I play a little in the tea room (it's a really a break for me) and then that night I have 34 people coming to the shower. That's how many RSVPed - out of 79 invites sent. Having that many RSVP is really good. In no way perfect. And those that didn't RSVP will have to stand at the end of the buffet line. Really, at that other shower we were kidding about doing that. I may not kid about it this time.
I guess I ought to chill.
Oh, to brighten up this post I'm going to put pictures up of the platters I'm going to order. (I will tell people that I didn't have time to do my own platters - with company and all. It makes a great excuse.)
Oh, and Market Street says to give them 48 hours - I will probably be giving them 54 hours.
oo- I'm getting hungry.

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Being Beth said...

Hi Nancy,

Isn't it just a splendid thing to have such a life full of so many people. Sometimes I sit back at the end of a busy time like that and all I can really feel is grateful -- for children, laughter, love, the circle of life and just being here in the big middle of it all. If I'm going to be worn out, I want to it to be because I've just had the most delightful week full of abundant living. Enjoy each minute, my friend.

Love you,


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