Friday, May 2, 2008

Women and perfectionism . . .

In last week's TIME magazine there was an article about perfectionism in women. Click here to read it.

I, personally, would rather be friends with a normal looking person who likes to laugh than with a 'bombshell' who dares not.
I would rather go visit a home that is messy-messy than one that is ready for "House Beautiful" magazine.
I would rather have lunch at Burger Box than at a 5 star place where I have to know just how to dip my soup spoon in my soup.

Just telling ya.

And that is me--- daring to show you how I'M NOT being perfect this morning.


laura said...

Good article, thanks. Sometimes, I try to not be perfect just so other people can feel good about themselves. Like, at the gym, if I notice the girl next to me looking at how long and fast I've been running, I'll go ahead and slow down to a walk, just to make her feel better about herself.

That's my excuse anyway. Really, I just get tired and that makes me feel better about stopping.

Elizabeth H. said...

LOL you are so funny! I love how you just love life and are yourself, always! Can't wait to see you and be a mile away!

Being Beth said...

OMG, Nancy -- you are such a riot -- you look like you're ready to knock someone's head in. Like you're saying,"You want some of me? Come get it!" LOL!!! Loved the article -- and agree with Elizabeth -- you get such a kick outta life and just being Nancy. You are the BOMB!!!


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