Friday, June 13, 2008

3 Things FINALLY

1. The Tompkins are FINALLY going to get Lewis!! (The Tompkins are our niece, Jennifer, and her family (from Sam's side)) They FINALLY got the go-ahead to go to Vietnam and get their little boy. He'll be one in July so that tells you how long the adoption process has taken! (Happy Father's Day, Ryan!)
(Yes, this IS a picture of my new great nephew!)

2. FINALLY Saudi women are allowed to drive. Actually this is not brand new news. I think it happened in March. (I think American women have been allowed to drive for a while!!!!!!!!) Article (well, blog post or something) is HERE.

3. I FINALLY ate at Jimmy's Egg in Oklahoma City. All the Carmacks (well, most) know this place. Now I do. Delicious, HUGE pancake. Light and fluffy.


laura said...

Yay for the Tompkins!

Unknown said...

hey so I got your invite for the shower!! What a pretty invitiation. This is my version of RSVPing because I am using my computer once a week and I figured I might as well. Also, I might be a LITTLE late. But I also could not be. Can't wait for Saturday!


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