Tuesday, June 17, 2008


30 years ago today Sam and I got married! (I thought we would feel like old people when it was 2008. Funny how 'old' changes through the years.)

Today we're spending the day together. . . breakfast out. Lunch out. Dinner out. That's my kind of day!! Oh, and we'll go by our old haunts as newlyweds - down near Southwestern Seminary in southwest Fort Worth. And the big celebration is tonight - we plan on calling some of our old friends from 1978-ish.- Sam's idea. (He is more sentimental than anyone would guess.)

Oh, and the rest of this week on all three of my blogs I'll be celebrating marriage. (You get to those blogs by going to 'Check out my other blogs' (up on the left) and clicking. --- I know. Shameless plug(s).) I had just about decided to retire the 'What? Are You Kidding Me?" blog for lack of interest, but Bailey and Elizabeth have renewed my 'vision'! As for the "GraceNotes" blog - well, no one comments, but quotes are easier to find than jokes so I'll keep it going. . . though it may be dying someday for lack of a comment. (Hint.) (Though, I DO know that you out there have lives and can't just sit around all the time with my blogs like I do. . . . . . --but in a perfect world. . . . . )

Anyway, have a great day. Sam and I will!! (Right now he's sleeping but soon we'll start the day of reminiscing . . . and eating. . . and enjoying each other. mm.)

I am so blessed.
Thank you, Lord.


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Anonymous said...

what sweet pictures. i have never seen those before.

caroline said...

aw Happy Anniversary!!!

jhuffman2005@gmail.com said...

Congrats Nancy!!!!!

Elizabeth H. said...


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