Saturday, June 7, 2008

Here are three of my most 'favoritist' people in the whole wide world:

Here are (from left) Pat (my sister-in-law (Sam's sister), Sam (the love of my life), and Ken (my brother-in-law). Sam was showing them his online class discussion site - which is very interesting.

Here's Pat with her Egyptian Walking Onions - from her garden!

Some people have thought that Pat and I are sisters --- which is a major compliment to me.

[I LOVE being a Carmack.]

(see previous post for GREAT pictures of Laura at the World Hunger Relief Farm.)


Unknown said...

Great pics! I wish we could have joined you guys in Waco. And at the farm!! Did you pick up some goat milk--that is hard to come by I hear. What Laura is doing seems really cool (not her room) & challenging!
Has she read Omnivore's Dilemma? That was an eye opener for me for sure.

laura said...

i have heard of the omnivore's dilemma from people at the farm, but i haven't read it. i want to though.

and showing you guys around was fun! thanks for taking the pictures. as cheesy as i feel posing for them, it'll be nice to remember those places.

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