Saturday, June 28, 2008

I have a handsome son . . .

. . . and he has a newfangled thing on his blog (which used to be on another website - but is back now to the original (I know what I'm saying). It's called a VLOG. You can get to it by clicking HERE.

Of course, he'll be embarrassed by the title of this post. So be it.

As for me, I'm in Oklahoma City. I came up for my sweet sister-in-law's baby shower and now I'm staying in a swanky hotel in downtown OKC (that my Sam arranged for me). LIfe is sweet. mm.

[Sam, if you read this, please feed Shiloh.]

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Elizabeth H. said...

I'm laughing at your reminder for Sam to feed Shiloh... that's so funny! Have fun in OK City!! Tell Lorie and Steve congratulations!!