Monday, June 30, 2008

I think this is interesting . . .

"Optical illusion helps create fake speed bumps." That is the title of the article on If you want to read more click HERE.

Oh, did you happen to notice how I made my blog 'template' match the colors in my post? (I was tired of the same old same old.) 'Course when I change it to match tomorrow's picture (whatever that may be) it won't match this one. LIfe is full of dilemmas.

I think I better go.


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering, why do you capitalize the L and I in LIfe all the time? Maybe it's not all the time, but it is like that in this post and the last one so I wonder what it means. Or if maybe they are just typos, but you rarely ever have any typos so it would surprise me if they were.

Just curious. Maybe you've explained this before, but I am clueless.

Anonymous said...

sorry, not the last post but the one before it (in case you were searching and searching and thinking i was crazy)

Nancy said...

Interesting observation, Bailey. It seems I DID capitalize the L and the I in life. . . as in LIfe. Hmm. It was a typo which I didn't catch both times!!!
I HAVE had many other things happen like that that I've caught. Like JUst. . . instead of Just. I guess they're easier to catch. Oh yes. And I'm always doing it what things like WAnt to get coffee? But then, I catch those.
Oh, it seems that when the letters are typed by the same hand it's easy to happen.


'Course I could make up a fancy explanation. Like life is so wonderful it means that I (me) am in it at the first. And I am important. Hmm. Kind of weak. Ah, but I AM important.

I'll work on it.

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