Friday, June 6, 2008

Just a few of the many . . .

. . . pictures I took of Laura at the World Hunger Relief Farm near Elm Mott, Texas (north of Waco).

Here is Laura's tour group -- from left, Aunt Pat, Daddy-Sam, Laura, Mama-Nancy, Uncle Ken.

This is the Nicaragua House - where people can come and see how it is to live without plumbing and electricity, etc.

This shows Laura's tan.

The little goat drinking milk from its mother may have been the little goat Laura saw being born. But then, I counted about 9 little goats.

Laura is showing us some frozen goat milk here.

This is where Laura does some of her gardening. She's got a tiny carrot in her hand here.

Here is Laura where she sleeps. The room is unairconditioned - but Laura is okay with that!

Here's the toilet where everyone's 'business' is done. Normally I would not take a picture of a toilet. But this toilet is made so that it is completely environmentally correct -- therefore high up (Laura will have to explain).

Here's the 'dorm' where Laura lives.

So those are a few of the pictures.

We had a great time. After the tour we all went to Ken and Pat's house and had a yummy supper. I will put up 2 more pictures of them tomorrow.

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Elizabeth H. said...

That is amazing! I love envisioning what she talks about now!

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