Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just silly.

I'm up early - ready for the day - and very hungry. I have an appointment for blood work at 7:50 (routine check-up) so I've been fasting since midnight last night. Seems like a good time to blog (can't eat).

Yesterday afternoon I did the post about last meals -- maybe you haven't read it. You don't have to read it (of course) - but DO read the comment by Beth under it. It will make you smile.

I have a new top on from Christopher and Banks. I love that store - and was thrilled to find out that there is one in Southlake at the Town Center. That really surprised me because Christopher and Banks - though the name sounds uppity - is NOT. This top I have on was $12. I think it looks so good I'm wearing it to board meeting today - and that's in a bank - where you might find more uppity clothes on board members.

I'm getting silly.

I'll probably hit 'publish post' and then later delete it.
But maybe not.

I'm getting silly.

But . . . I can be silly ----- this is MY blog.

I guess when my stomach is empty my mind is too.

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