Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last meal . . .

I feel sorry for people on death row. That sounds flip but it is not. I DO feel sorry for them, though I do believe in capital punishment (generally).
And I think it's great that they are given whatever they want for a last meal. Today, in the Star Telegram there is an article about a man who has ordered the biggest meal ever ordered as a last meal on death row. Click HERE to read about it, if you wish.

It made me think about meals, of course. . . . and what would I like as my last one. Mexican food, of course, would have to be considered. Lately, though, I've found myself enjoying Italian food. And not fancy Italian food. Yesterday I had a meatball sandwich at Firehouse Subs with Bailey. It was DELICIOUS. And has become a contender for 'last meal' status.

What would you want as your last meal? (Leave a comment about it, if you'd like. I LOVE COMMENTS.)

Oh, and speaking of death row. . . we're all on it. That could sound flip, but it is not, of course. (Have I told you lately that I love God---- I could preach.. . but won't here.)

Anyway, let me know of your contenders for last meal.


Being Beth said...

I don't know if I could narrow it down to one choice -- I'll probably end up like the guy on death row -- a regular smorgasborg. But, I just have to share that my granddad's favorite thing in the world was to sit down to a college football game on Saturday afternoons with a couple of hot dogs slathered with yellow mustard, grape soda, and a bbowl full of vanilla wafers on which he spread vanilla icing. He would smack his lips and say, "Man-o-man, hubba-hubba, pip-pip, and all that jazz -- was that ever tasty." Would you believe that's what he ate for his last meal? He dipped the wieners straight into the mustard jar, drank a full two liters of grape soda, and ate a box of vanilla wafers and a full tub of icing. I sometimes wonder if that meal didn't hasten his demise, LOL!!! But I smile every time I remember him talking to me on the phone later that afternoon and saying, "Yup -- I enjoyed that meal. Man-o-man, hubba-hubba, pip-pip, and all that jazz."


The Franchise said...

Hmm great question. So many options..... I'd go with a 16 oz ribeye steak (medium-rare), a bottle of Cab, baked asparagus, and potatoes au gratin. Mmmmmmm


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