Thursday, June 19, 2008

Zero Church

This fall Sam is starting Zero Church. Actually that is the KIND of church he's starting. The first 'edition' of it will be called Apologia - and will meet at Bear Valley church on Saturday nights. (It will be a branch of Bear Valley.) Basically it's church designed for those curious but not convinced about Christianity. . . and it is with a definite post-modern, intellectual bent. For more info on Zero Church click HERE for the website.

Sam has always had a passion to reach the unchurched. When he was in Southwestern Seminary in southwest Fort Worth decades ago he would go to TCU with a list of students' names who had picked 'no religious preference' and would knock on their doors and talk to them about Christ. This was when lots of his seminary friends were complaining that they didn't have a staff position at a church. Sam didn't either, but that didn't mean he wasn't doing God's work. (Me - I'd be too afraid. But then, I have different gifts (is that an excuse?))

Then when we went to Brazil as missionaries in 1980 he was frustrated when he was put on desk duty when he wanted to be planting churches.

Anyway, Zero Church is what he's focusing on now. Well, besides the B. H. Carroll classes he teaches.

Busy man . . . and wonderful.

(I'm focusing on him this week (and marriage in my other blogs) - because we're celebrating 30 years of marriage. --- I'm shamelessly congratulating ourselves.)

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