Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3 Things . . .

1. I found out today that Starbucks is closing 600 stores around the nation. Hmm. I had thought it was thriving even in spite of the economy. Click HERE to read about it.

2. If coffee is out, how about lemonade? On the REAL SIMPLE (one of my favorite magazines) website they had an article with 4 different- and delicious looking - recipes for lemonade. Click HERE if you're interested.

3. Finally - and this has absolutely nothing to do with a beverage - Shiloh left a present at our side door this morning. I saw it when I was going out to set the table for Sam's and my outdoor breakfast. What was so pathetic about it was not my horror at the gift (though there WAS horror) but it was my second thought - after the horror. It was this: "I can put this on my blog!!" So my life has come down to this? Just blogging? Hmm. I need to reread that commandment against idolatry I guess. Oh, and to remember Bailey Jo's post a few days back about the positive things about not having access to a computer for a few days. Maybe I need Sam to hide my computer from me for a few days. Hmm. ..... Nah.
(Yes, that 'gift' is a little bird that is not alive, thanks to Shiloh.)

Hmm. You may not be interested in an ice cold lemonade right about now, huh?


Anonymous said...

Oh, Shiloh. He keeps killing those little birds. We find them around the backyard a lot. It's really quite sad and always makes me upset.

I wish he wouldn't do that. I'm sure he's just trying to have fun and trying to make you guys proud by showing it off.

Anonymous said...

Man, those lemonade recipes really do sound good. Especially the farmers one.

I think I'm also really thirsty right now.


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