Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The experiment worked. Definitely.

For the last three Sundays Rob has lead our church in an experiment in worship. He purposefully did NOT use music - so as to share with us how we can worship God in other ways than music.

It's hard to say what he did without being there. It's like an inside joke-- you HAVE to have been there to have understood it. The EXPERIENCE of it was the message. [Unfortunately yours truly missed the second part in the three of the series . . . (Sigh) . . . so I didn't get the fulll experience.

But what I got definitely worked for me.

Especially the last service.
People brought their art work. By 'art work' I mean drawings, photographs, needlework, photo-shopped art, and even decorated cakes and cupcakes. They were set up all around the auditorium accented by pretty lamps. One could see them before and after the service while pretty background music was being played.
During the service Rob's talk was about how 'things' are used by God to have special meanings. Like water (baptism), wine or grape juice and bread (communion), rocks (an altar), etc. You can click HEREto hear the service if it is up yet (on the left click 'hear the talk').

Here are a few pictures (though not very good (sorry)) that I took after the first service this past Sunday.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of a pillow that someone made and decorated. It said "Don't take life so seriously. It isn't permanent." I liked that.

As I walked around the auditorium I felt as if I had worshiped God.

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Being Beth said...

I LOVE this idea and I also LOVE that it went beyond idea to reality. It's so cool that there were so many different expressions of worship and such celebration of the many faceted ways God is praised through each unique person.

The only thing that bothered me was the one photo with the cakes. I think baking and decorating is without a doubt a viable expression of God and a viable expression of worship -- however, if the artist and creator had just left her little sales flyer at home it would have seemed a WHOLE lot more genuine. Just my opinion.

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