Thursday, July 24, 2008

I like my name after all . . .

There is this judge in New Zealand who has taken it upon himself to save a child from a crazy name her parents gave her. I say, 'Good for you, judge!' Her (the child's) name is Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii. That makes Nancy Jane not seem so bad. Click HERE to read the article.

When I was telling nephew-in-law John about it he told me about a list of crazy names a friend sent him - to help him and Elizabeth pick a name for their baby boy. They haven't quite picked a name yet. I had him e-mail me the list. I don't think one of these names has 'strucken' their fancy but maybe. They might be leaning toward 'Nacho' . . . or 'Superman'. Hmm.

Here's the list: Bogart, Cajun, Cleopatra, Champagne, Chain, Desire, De'treasure, Dub, Essence, Girl, Infant, Jazzman, Lade, Lancelot, Laser, Latissue, Lieutenant, Lil, Lil-clifton, Luscious, Metallica, Nacho, Nemesis, Passion, Superman, Tangy, Tarzan, Texas, Tierany ,Tiny, Titan, Tornado, Tupac, Tyranny, Wonderful, Zeus

Do you have a name you would suggest?
Leave it as a comment - and I'll let them know.
It might be THE ONE.


Anonymous said...

I think "girl" or "boy" would be the worst names ever. It is just so impersonal and rude. I know a father that always refers to his son as "boy" instead of his actual name. He has two daughters that he calls by name, but for some reason his son isn't worthy of it. It's really sad.

Anyway, I've always liked the name Jason. When I was younger I told myself that I would name my little boy Jason because every Jason I've ever known has been very attractive (so I guess I thought my son would turn out to be attractive too). I think that every Jason I've known has been really cute even to this day, so maybe it really is a good name. But I'm not nearly as obsessed with having it anymore. It's too common. Or maybe not.

Sorry, that was a long explanation for my suggestion. I also like the name Holden a lot. (as in Catcher in the Rye...) And Jake, Reese, Maxwell (Max for short), Colin, Bradley, and many more but I will stop myself.

Ok. I'm done.

Being Beth said...

Liam Reid Huffman

Grant Andrew Huffman

(I'm not just saying that since I have a Grant -- I think Grant Huffman is very distinguished, which you have to consider since one day he'll be a man and Schnookums Huffman won't be so cute).

Ian Nathaniel Huffman

And then sometimes you just have to see and hold the child -- look into his eyes -- before you know who he is.

Nancy said...

Both of those comments are GREAT.

As for me, I like the name Michael. And David, Richard, Andrew, Samuel, William.
Peter is good, too.
I'm not one for Batman, or Zeus.

laura said...

i don't see how lieutenant is much different from captain. you could call me lu for short.

i like the name Peter too though. I also like the name Alexander because its so versatile. Alex. Lex. Andy. Al. Xander. Pretty sweet.

caroline said...

I know a guy from college that named his son spiderman.... He won a bet with his wife... I bet she is really sad she agreed to that now...
that baby also has a mohawk.

How about combining all their names together and naming the baby that!
Johlizaline, or Carojorabeth, Jocareli...
yep.. I think those are winners..

Elizabeth H. said...

I love these suggestions!

Laura - I think an old UT quarterback was named Major.... I always thought that was a cool, similar name to dear Captain.

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