Friday, July 11, 2008

New dog . . .

Oh. Wait. It's the old dog - with a brand new look!
Wednesday we had Pet Love Grooming come to our house (!) and bathe and groom Shiloh. I wasn't here, Sam was, and it's a good thing. I probably wouldn't have had his hair cut so short- but oh, he needed it cut so short. These pictures don't show how much happier he is acting. . . but he IS acting much more frisky. Bless his heart. We should have had him 'shaved' over a month ago. He's so much cooler now.

Here he is BEFORE.

Here he is AFTER.

I know, this makes you want to go get a hair cut!

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Elizabeth H. said...

Oh wow!!! I bet he IS happy! He looks very handsome!

AND.... there's an entire article about the World Hunger Farm on the front page of the Dallas Morning News today!


To me, these are crazies...  Trump's 'cages' have turned into Biden's 'migrant facilities'. It is just semantics.  -...