Thursday, July 3, 2008

Settling down . . .

I've reminded myself of myself when I was younger and I'd be driving around switching radio stations incessantly. Restless, I guess. My switching 'looks' for this blog has been like that, kind of.
Good grief.
So I'm settling down with this 'Scribe' template again. Feels like home.

On another note, nephew John informed me (and whomever else reads it) on his blog that he has consolidated to FriendFeed. To understand what that means you can go to his blog (under John C. (family and friends list at the left)) and read his post titled FriendFeed. Or you can click HERE to go to his FriendFeed account.
To help you know who he is here is a picture of him thinking.
(Gee, most people don't look that good when they're thinking.)

1 comment:

Carmack said...

Thank you!

I like this template. I'm not sure why, but it seems to suit you. I love reading your entries, you're so cheerful and in love with your family, it's so refreshing!


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