Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shower in OKC!

Another sweet shower for Caroline - and Rob!
It was Thursday evening after board committee meetings. The lobby of the bank was the shower for Caroline and upstairs in the break room was the shower for Rob. The two showers were given by Lorie, her sister Melanie, Jawana, Arlene, Joyce, Minnalee, Opal, Helen Snyder, Ruby, and some others I think. (I mention the names because some of you know these ladies.) (You can click on any picture to greatly enlarge it.)

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of another shower!

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*Caroline* said...

aw what good pictures! Maybe I could get a couple copies from you some time. I couldn't believe that I left my camera!!
And wow I never noticed how Lorie and her sister look EXACTLY alike!!