Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today, as I was babysitting little Caroline while her mother had her obstetrician's appointment, I decided to find out what kind of children's shows were on TV these days. Wow. There are quite a few channels out there, and of course, lots of shows. Some are weird. (Have you seen the new "George of the Jungle"?) Anyway, in my quest I was introduced to "Sprout" (Channel 295 on Direct TV) and I really liked it. As I was doing a Google search on it I found out that it is a PBS show. Did I say I really liked it?

Oh, and everybody, please pray that Elizabeth will not have her baby until AFTER John takes the bar exam the end of this month.
Thank you.

1 comment:

Wil Carmack said...

oo yes, sprout was cool. A very well done channel for young kids. and i liked it too, cool puppets.

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