Friday, August 29, 2008

Hmm. . .

. . . so I'm stumped.
I could talk about Obama's great speech last night.
Or who I think will be McCain's running mate.
Or how ZeroChurch core group meeting went last night (great).
Or how this afternoon I get to go see little Caroline and baby Andrew. (Sweet)
Or how the LoneStar Antique mall is starting their Labor Day sale today - and I better sell some stuff or I just might rethink the whole antique mall booth thing.
Or how yesterday I overheard a lady being super negative and how it reminded me of the two ugly women that sat in the tea room last week from 11 am till 3 pm being horrible. And, of course, they had to pray before they ate.

Yeah. I'll 'talk' about them. I will not talk long, otherwise I will BECOME them: ugly.
They were well-groomed and well-dressed. But they were loud. I couldn't help but overhear their conversation. Part of me tried to detach from it and part of me wanted to hear every little nasty thing they had to say.
They talked about people in their church who didn't have 'servant hearts'. And about people who complained about everything. And about people who 'put on a Christian face', but were anything but Christian. About three times in their conversation they so agreed with each other that they actually high-fived each other.
As I was playing the background music, and overhearing them my jaw was dropping to the floor. I had never - in all my long life- heard such awfulness.
Of course, I've heard and seen a lot of awfulness in the name of Christ.
And it is so, well, awful.

I guess I write this because I need to. I don't want to become like them.
Even if I feel the need to vent (which I'm sure that need justified to themselves their awfulness) I don't want to be them . . . ever.

Anyway, I wished I had had the nerve to go up to them and say, "If you're going to be so negative, keep your voices down, please."

So that was what I decided to talk about today.
Any comments?


Being Beth said...

Hmmm is RIGHT!!! Obviously neither of those two women would have a Blog called "Minding My Own Business" -- LOL!!!!

Gosh I wish I could remember the name of the person who said something like (not a direct quote here), "If it weren't for the Christians, I think I'd like to be one." At least that's the jist of the quote.

I think one of the problems with the Christian sub-culture is how we measure spiritual maturity. Often a person is deemed mature by their availability, attendance, being like everyone else (in appearance, behavior, and opinion), etc. While these things CAN and often do accompany spiritual maturity, I think a person's integrity is the marker we should look for.

These women probably have little integrity -- I doubt seriously that their "private" conversation in the tea room would be repeated in the pew on Sunday morning.

I think this is where a church like Zero Church stands out in the crowd, because it has integrity woven into the fabric, so to speak. The problem though is where do these new Christians go after Zero Church? Certainly their brand of Christianity and the culture of integrity they were "born into" as a new Christian will not be very popular in most churches.

That said, Nancy, I don't see you "becoming them" anytime soon. You'd have to really work hard to drop enough character qualities to be like that.

Being Beth said...

PS -- this Tea Room Scene you wrote about would make a dandy pre-sermon drama for a message on integrity and character.


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