Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just 2 things . . . oh, 3 . . . no, 4 . . .

1. Our ZeroChurch practice service went pretty well. We had some rough spots with a microphone problem, then a guitar cord-thing problem. The powerpoint stuff went well, though. And I was pretty pleased with my little mini-concert at the first (and am so glad it's over). We counted 38 people (which included children) there. Not bad since there was no advertisement, just an e-mail out to BV folks.
All in all we were pleased. (Thank you for your prayers.)
(Later: I added these pictures that Lee took. Thanks, Lee.)

2. I like to read TIME magazine online. Every weekend they post cartoons of the week. Usually they're pretty good but I don't post them on my joke blog - for whatever reason. Well, this week I so liked three of them that for today I posted those three on my joke blog. Click HERE to see them. (I know you want to.)

3. Laura leaves tomorrow night to go back to school. I will miss her so. Ah, but I can watch the video she left on her blog yesterday. I just love it. Click HERE for it.

4. And finally here's a picture of Will and Bailey playing with little Caroline a few weeks ago. I put this up because it's my way of saying: they're back together . . . and will probably play with little Caroline again tomorrow night!
(click the pictures to make them bigger)


laura said...

ah! i have crazy eyes in that picture!

Wil Carmack said...

I thought the practice went very well. It had a good feeling about it. And, I hope the bigfoot is real.

Anonymous said...

hey! just wanted to say thanks again for inviting me to your family dinner night. i felt very welcomed and blessed to be in everyone's company.

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