Friday, August 1, 2008

Labor . . .

Elizabeth is in it! (Pray for her.)

And I'm at her apartment waiting for the Cottage Care maid service to come and do some labor. I certainly didn't want to do it- but I wanted to give her a clean apartment. (Somethings are so worth the money.)
[added a little later: I just reread this and thought it sounded as if I thought the Huffmans' apartment was dirty. NO. Elizabeth keeps it really clean and neat - even with a 19 month-old. Just lately - with her condition and trying to keep her from going into labor before or during John's bar exam, she hasn't done any major cleaning. (His bar exam went well, by the way.) Probably when Cottage Care gets here (if they ever do!!!) they'll think, 'Shoot, this apartment doesn't need cleaning.' - But I won't let them leave.]

Different note: Laura is on her way home. She's had quite a summer at the World Hunger Relief Farm north of Waco. She's milked goats, gotten honey from bees, harvested lots of vegetables, cooked for lots of people, and the list goes on. Now she'll be home 'in the city' for a couple of weeks. . . with air conditioning, and microwave pizza. Then she'll go be a senior at Baylor University. (I'm not ready for this. She'll be 22 in 10 days. I'm so not ready.) (--It's all about me- it IS my blog.)

Oh, early this morning in the hospital John divulged the name they've picked for the baby boy: Carl Elizabeth.
His mother, grandmother and I looked at each other, and then back at him and Elizabeth, trying to be supportive.
Then he said, 'just kidding'.
We all went: Whew!

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