Friday, August 15, 2008

A lot . . .

. . . has happened in the last 2 days.

- Bigfoot's body was found. Well, there was a press conference to that effect. Surely the 'proof' will be coming shortly. Click HERE to read more about it. (I know you're interested.)

- Bill Kristol, founder and editor of the political magazine THE WEEKLY STANDARD, said that Colin Powell is going to endorse Obama at the Democratic Convention in Denver. Well, Kristol said that a day or two ago (though not reported anywhere that I saw except on Then Powell denied it. I hope the denying part is true. (Frankly I think it WOULD be exciting to have a black president who is very charismatic - but what with the Russia/Georgia situation- and other stuff going on in the world - I want McCain as my president. (I know, you thought I was for Huckabee... )

-Michael Phelps just won his 7th gold medal in China. Wow. Oh, somewhere I heard that he consumes something like 9,000 calories a day. That's another 'Wow'.
Hmm. I hope he's a well adjusted person - sometimes people who are perfect at stuff aren't well adjusted in overall life.

So I don't have a lot of PERSONAL stuff going on. Well, not a lot of my OWN personal stuff. . . but there are things going on.
Ah, but no showers, or weddings, or precious babies being born anytime soon. . . that I know of anyway.
Oh, we DO have the ZeroChurch practice service tomorrow at 5 - but I'm not IN CHARGE of the whole thing - so I will just relax and enjoy it.
Thank goodness.

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Being Beth said...

Lots of interesting stuff going on, and you seem to capture the heart of it all. The Bigfoot discovery -- can't decide if I'm glad or not -- it's been such a great mystery -- almost hate to have it come to an end, though it most certainly will drag up controversy for a while, and that's always interesting.

Taking the opposite side of the presidential issue -- Obama may be inexperienced as far as international politics go, but he's smart, and he seems to have the ability to think clearly and make good decisions. No matter who we elect for president, the world will remain a messy and volatile place. I think we need someone who will challenge the status quo, lead us from outside the box of current politics (internal as well as international) into something new, cause the way we've been doing things certainly hasn't worked all that well. Personally I do not think McCain will even entertain the idea of that kind of change, though he could surprise us. The election may in fact come down to the running mates. McCain's choice in running mate will decide where I place my vote. It's an interesting year for an election as well as a monumental election, and I think it's great fun and quite a privilege to be part of it all.

I'm glad you are getting to slow down a bit -- The Carmack's had a HUGE summer.

I'm on Sam's RSS Feed, so I'm keeping up with the new church, and holding you all in my prayers. Enjoy your CD release party -- cool idea. In fact, the whole zero church is a cool idea. It's going to be fun to be a silent praying partner.

I'm looking forward to September - maybe we can squeeze in a meal at Gloria's! Email me some possible dates...Hugs, Beth

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