Thursday, August 14, 2008

Manicure/pedicure . . . and some chocolate cake!

Thanks to John and Elizabeth - I indulged in some me time yesterday. And get this, the Vietnamese gentleman who did both the manicure and the pedicure was named Lewis!! Of course I had to tell him about little Lewis, my new nephew from Vietnam. We had quite a talk about that. Fun.

So today I'm not playing in the tea room. Just doin' much needed stuff around the house.

Oh, I found a site that I really like. It's for 'foodies', of which I am (I recently discovered). It's Click HERE for it. (Or, of course, go to
Here's a sample picture. If you're like me I just want to take a fork and partake. . . and I'm not usually a chocolate lover - like most women in the galaxy.


Being Beth said...

I don't crave chocolate like most women do. Another thing we have in common. But, I DO agree -- that photo makes me want ot scarf up the whole cake. Good thing I have a birthday coming next week, cause I've been wanting some cake ever since watching an old Andy Griffith show on TV and Aunt Bee served a chocolate layer cake. Ummm. Of course, my cake will probably be a spice cake with coconut pecan icing, or a carrot cake with sour cream icing, or a plain vanilla cake with lemon icing. Ooo-la-laaaa!

Being Beth said...

OH, and I forgot to mention how much i enjoyed all the photo's of Rob and Caroline's wedding, and Laura's birthday. And the babies -- so many babies and all just beautiful. LOVED the one of Will with little Caroline and the music lesson -- so sweet. Your children were cute and fun as kids and now they have grown into such beautiful adults -- inside and out. You and Sam must have done something very right all these years.

Elizabeth H. said...

Oh I'm so so so glad that you got your mani and pedi and I hope it was relaxing!! You deserve it 100%!!!!!!
And that chocolate cake looks amazing. I'm not a HUGE chocolate fan, but I do love me some choco. :)

sarah j. gim said...

thanks for the mention! and a post that combines a mani/pedi and chocolate cake couldn't be any better (unless there is a massage involved somewhere)

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